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Orange warning barrier fence plastic safety fence.
Safety fence netting / barrier fencing mesh is a bright colored barrier fencing mesh for cordoning off areas on construction sites, railways and sporting events. Safety fence plastic fencing mesh is available in orange, blue, green and yellow. Barrier safety fencing mesh is manufactured in various weights and grades to suit the application. Safety fence is easy to erect using steel fencing pins or wooden posts, and provides higher visibility and strength than standard barricade tapes.
• These products are used as safety fencing or warning barrier for construction sites and sporting events.. And they are also used as snow fencing.
• The most popular color is orange.
• Manufactured from high strength extruded PE,U.V. stabilized
• Re-useable Usually packed in rolls in plastic film bags with labels inside, and loosely loaded into the container
• Can be manufactured in any height from 1 mtrs to 1.8 mtrs
• Many different mesh sizes and roll sizes available for these products.
• SR is common type; BR is strong type;
Orange warning barrier fence plastic safety fence can be used in many occasions.
Application Areas
Parking lots and garages
Construction sites
Roadwork sites
Outdoor events
Amusement parks
Ski Resorts
Schools and Universities